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Crash since the update

The game crashes after 2-3 minutes playing. Try to reinstall it : nothing changes. Correct this bug and Ill restore my 5 star rating. Best regards

Super update

Super die neue map, aber es crashed manchmal noch während ich death valley spiele (Iphone 6)

Läuft super

Top Sniper-Shoter



Top gamw

Fantastic, amazing sniper fun

Perfect Hitman for iOS

Great idea to take the sniping component of the Hitman series on PC/Console and take it to iOS. The gameplay is perfectly suited to touch, with the controls being excellent. The game itself is fun and varied and has some nice mechanics, like reloading for example and most importantly of all it manages to capture the feeling of being Agent 47.

Hitman: Sniper



When I read that there would be a new map I expected more strategic action, Instead its turned into some sort of zombie fps shooter?

Great but not perfect

When u unlock a new target they tell u who they only once and the background they give u of the target is pretty damn good it really seals the immersion of the game Also shooting in the same background and same targets can get kinda boring

All snipers, all day

If u like snipers, then this game is 100% for u. I honestly love this game so much content and it doesnt feel like u have to pay real money to get anywhere in it. **Plus dont need wifi to play** Would recommend to just about anyone!!!

Best game ever!!!

Must download this game

Great zombie update !!! Must have

I recommend to try the new update

Really great mobile title.

Exactly what a mobile game should be! Fun, in short sessions or long ones, and really pulls off that hitman feel in a smaller title. Good job to the devs!

Love this game like crazy but the Zombie mode is kind of boring.

I recommend this game to anyone. This is a masterpiece. The strategic action around a single scene is incredible. I finished the game in less than a couple of weeks so much it was addictive, but the new Zombie map is not. I played a couple of hours and didnt see something attractive at all.

Best sniper game but...

I wish there were more maps. Nice options and guns. Polished graphics.


Its fun to kill


Great shooter!

Crashes constantly!

Great game for the first few levels however after level 5 the game constantly crashes in the middle of the next level. No fix on my end found yet....

Great game with a couple bugs

I recently purchased this game, its fun but on a few missions where you have to get a score of 400k or higher, when you get the score, and move on to kill the target the game suddenly crashes and you have to restart the level.

Great game until last update.

This game was awesome until the latest update zombies. It has a lot of stuttering now and makes it almost unplayable. I hope updates fix this.

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